If You Like Roald Dahl…

The very first Roald Dahl Day took place in 2006 to commemorate what would have been his 90th birthday.  If Dahl were alive today he would be 103 years old… and his books are as popular as ever!

Parents and teachers love exploring and rediscovering the books that they enjoyed when they were young whilst children still find his dark humour and zany characters absolutely captivating!

Yet, underneath all the giant peaches, fast-growing grandmas and frightening creepy witches, what often draws us to Dahl’s work are the relatable human stories.  Matilda is a young child whose needs are neglected by her parents, Charlie is a boy with big dreams who grows up in a loving family but also in poverty and the story of Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver (Esio Trot) is a story of unrequited love.

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day (13th September 2019), we’ve released a new Roald Dahl themed set of our ‘If You Like… Then Try’ posters.  Feel free to use these on screens, on social media, on your website or printed out as posters.

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If You Like Charlie

if you like matilda

If You Like The Enormous Crocodile