NOW Festival Tour 2018


Merseyside Youth Association are excited to announce that the NOW festival tour 2018 is available to be booked!

 Following the highly successful Now Festival at the Epstein theatre in February, several performances, created by young people, will be going on tour. All pieces have been done to a high standard and will feature as part of a 45 minute presentation, which will include a performance, a short talk and a Q&A session around the issues raised.

The tour will run from the 5th-16th March, with different performances available on different days. Please see the attached flyer for more information. You can register your interest and find out more about the now festival using the following web link:

In addition to the shows shown on the flyer we also have a performance from St john Bosco titled: The Unattainable 9, on Monday 12th March.

‘The Unattainable 9’

 Are you that unattainable 9?

The pressures of school make it a mountain you can never climb. 

Constantly being compared to your peers,

While no one related to your deepest fears.

Until a time it  becomes too much,

You turn to the blade for a tender touch.

As the pressure mounts the façade begins to melt, 

Self-harm is the expression you never felt…

 Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.