Memorandum of Understanding


1.1 The Liverpool Learning Partnership will be led by its Executive Board, which will be deemed the Executive Aspect of the LLP. Places on the Board are offered on the following basis:

•   Three primary Headteachers – nominated by LPHA
•   Three secondary Headteachers – nominated by LASH
•   Three special Headteachers – nominated by ALSSH
•   The Director of Children’s Services
•   The Elected member for education
•   A representative of the Liverpool Community College
•   A representative of the Clinical Commissioning Group
•   The Chair of Liverpool Schools Governors’ Forum
•   The Chair of Liverpool Schools’ Forum
•   Chief Executive Officer/s of the LLP

1.2 A Chair will be appointed by the agreement of the Executive Board.

1.3 The Liverpool Learning Partnership will engage an administrator to service the meetings.

1.4 Schools will be formed into groupings decided by the Managerial Associations and known as the Management Aspect of the LLP:

•   One grouping of secondary schools
•   One grouping of special schools
•   Six groupings of primary schools

1.5 The priorities of LLP will be drawn up by two Strategic Groups:

i. All Learners
ii. Learners who need more

Each of these groups will consist of, at least:

•   Two representatives from each of the managerial associations
•   A representative of the Local Authority
•   A school governor from each phase
•   A representative of Liverpool Community College
•   A representative of a teaching school
•   A representative from the Clinical Commissioning Group
•   A representative from the Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) sector
•   A Learner from the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament

The Strategic Groups will be deemed the Strategic Aspect of the LLP and will engage ‘Task and Finish’ groups to undertake the design of LLP priorities.
Other representatives will be invited to take part in the work of the Strategic Groups and/or the Task and Finish groups, in relation to the specific priorities under discussion. Such representatives will be drawn from such bodies as unions, universities, commerce, culture and voluntary organisations and networks.


2.1 The Executive Board will meet at least every half term.
2.2 The Management groupings will meet as often as each sees fit, but at least once a year.
2.3 The Strategic Groups will meet prior to each Executive Board Meeting.
2.4 The Task and Finish Groups will meet as necessary, but usually within a defined time frame in order to report to the relevant Strategic Group.
2.5 Special meetings may be called as needed in response to particular circumstances which may include the following:

• To make urgent decisions about the use of funding
• To consider any complaints and resolve disputes
• To plan for unforeseen opportunities or challenges

2.6 Written minutes will be kept of all meetings and posted on the Liverpool Learning Partnership section on Ednet Website.
2.7 A financial report will be presented at the final Executive Board Meeting of each term to facilitate the monitoring of spending and to monitor the viability and sustainability of planned activities.

Decision Making

3.1 The quorum for making decisions at the Executive Board is one third of the membership of that group.
3.2 The Chair or CEO/s may make operational decisions to facilitate smooth day to day management in line with any parameters laid down by the full Executive Board.
3.3 The CEO/s may make decisions about funding to facilitate day to day operations. The procedures for these decisions and spending limits will be defined in LLP financial regulations. Such decisions will be reported at the next full meeting of the Executive Board.

Ethical behaviour

4.1 Information sharing will be conducted in a non-judgemental manner with respect for different approaches, views and attitudes.
4.2 Information shared at meetings should be regarded as confidential to that group unless permission is given for wider distribution.
4.3 LLP recognises the contribution other groups and bodies make to the quality of teaching and learning in Liverpool and seeks to work ethically and collaboratively with all of its partners.
4.4 Members of LLP are required to work collaboratively and to adhere to the ethical principles of the Partnership.

Review of the Agreement

5.1 This agreement will be reviewed annually in December to enable schools to indicate if they wish to remain members for the following financial year, giving at least 2 months notice if they wish to withdraw.
5.2 An Annual Report will be produced at the end of each financial year which will analyse objectively the progress made by LLP against agreed priorities. The report will also highlight LLP spending in that year and indicate any changes of procedures for the forthcoming year.


Schools and organisations are now invited to consider fully this Memorandum of Understanding in the context of their governance. They are then invited to sign the Memorandum on the enclosed pro-forma.