Hooray For Maths Party Day!

At Liverpool Learning Partnership we’re passionate about maths and reading for pleasure so this Maths Party Day we’re helping children’s centres and nursery schools to celebrate maths through a wonderful story book.

On 6th July 2018, we will be holding the third annual Liverpool Maths Party Day.  Schools and settings across Liverpool will be invited to spend the day celebrating the importance of maths to our everyday lives.  As part of this year’s celebrations children’s centres and nursery schools will be provided with a maths-themed story sack linked to the fabulously engaging text ‘Hooray for Fish!’ by Lucy Cousins.  This sack will contain a copy of the book, related counting resources and ideas for games, crafts and related sensory activities.

Story sacks will be available to settings in early June.

We look forward to seeing how the schools and Children’s Centres use the Story Sack.

#hoorayforfish #liverpoolmathsparty

maths party poster