In My Life

In my life_option 3

 A Diary Writing Initiative from School Improvement Liverpool and Liverpool Learning Partnership

Sharing thoughts, expressing feelings, taking time to reflect, recording significant events, leaving the future ‘you’ something to look back on…just some of the reasons that people keep a diary.

In My Life is an exciting opportunity to get people involved in all these things and more and is coming soon to Liverpool, a city with an amazing history, steeped in a rich and diverse cultural heritage and which today, is bursting with events and people who love to take part in all that is on offer.

Schools might want to use this as an opportunity to improve writing outcomes.  Research shows that diary writing has a positive impact on children’s attainment, as well as boosting their motivation to write.  Alternatively, schools could focus on using this to promote engagement and enjoyment where children write for pleasure about something of their choice.


Information about the project and competition can be found at