To Support all Learners in the City of Liverpool

Partner organisations will: Liverpool Learning Partnership will:
Share good practice and offer support to member organisations whenever possible. Provide a strategic lead in order to improve educational opportunities for all Learners in the city of Liverpool.
Provide clear information regarding the needs, strengths and priorities of their organisations. Secure cohesion and promote partnerships between all parties who contribute to learning in the city of Liverpool.
Regularly attend and participate in Management Aspect meetings. Facilitate support programmes where the effective education of Learners is in a state of vulnerability.
Keep up to date with LLP developments through the reading of documents and the viewing of the web-site. Secure services for member Learning organisations at preferential rates.
Consider making available to LLP resources at their disposal e.g. meeting/training venues. Devise and implement priorities, in consultation with all partners, which will improve educational opportunities for all Learners and vulnerable Learners in particular.
Meet all operational requirements for involvement in activities including prompt payments of invoices, meeting deadlines and responding to requests for information in order to minimise costs and time demands on the LLP infra-structure. Provide a channel of communication between member organisations and other agencies which contribute to learning in Liverpool.
Comply with the LLP philosophy that all learning organisations within the Partnership take responsibility for all Leaners in the city of Liverpool. Act as a source of intelligence regarding the strengths and challenges of member organisations to facilitate planning and support.
Pay membership contributions to support LLP agreed priorities in accordance with LLP financial guidance. (see separate document) Collate audits, plans, information and documents on behalf of LLP.
Seek partnership working practices with a range of organisations in the city, the region and the country.