Altru Drama Offer

Liverpool Learning Partnership are pleased to announce that they are currently working with Altru Drama CIC to offer LLP member schools the chance to book a drama day for up to 4 classes, for a special discounted price.altru1

Literacy workshops will help pupils explore books including characters, settings and language – getting them excited about reading and using their imaginations.  SPaG workshops will help children grapple with difficult punctuation and grammar concepts, making them fun, interesting and easy to understand.

Altru Drama CIC have offered a sliding scale of discount depending upon the number of LLP member schools that make a booking.

Price for the full day
Full Cost £295 + VAT
LLP Discount £250 + VAT
Discount if over 25 days are booked by LLP members £230 + VAT

Usually a bespoke Explore day with Altru would cost £295 per class, meaning that you would be saving between £45 and £65 per day depending on the number of days booked in total by LLP members.  The sessions available can be booked for the Summer or Autumn term.

Please note that this deal is only available through Liverpool Learning Partnership.  If you are interested in booking at this special discounted rate, please complete the expression of interest form and return it to by 13th June 2018.  We will collate these forms and forward them on to Altru Drama CIC who will then contact schools directly to book your session(s).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jenny (Reading Co-ordinator at LLP) at

For a printable version of this information please click here.