Aims of the Liverpool Learning Partnership

  • To develop inclusive learning to ensure that all learners in Liverpool, including the most vulnerable, are given opportunity to achieve.
  • To provide opportunities within the city to ensure lifelong learning for all children and adults.
  • To keep the achievement of all children at the forefront of educational planning across the city.
  • To shape provision across the city, ensuring that new learning opportunities are co-ordinated and meet the individual needs for all learners in Liverpool.
  • To encourage all learning agencies to work together for the benefit of all learners in Liverpool, irrespective of their status or designation.
  • To develop strong links between learning and the city's overall strategy for regeneration by creating school specialisms focused on the local business and industry needs.

The Liverpool Learning Partnership will seek to engage all those committed to make learning central to the city's development and invite them to work together. Two strategic groups have been established to focus on:

  • The quality of provision for all learners.
  • Targeted provision for learners who need more, including vulnerable learners.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.