LLP Weekly briefing: May 20th 2021

Transition: Y6-7 forms

Thank you to all the primary schools for completing the forms online. Secondary schools will receive the files securely via Perspective Lite. This will either be tomorrow or Monday. The forms for pupils with SEND are being sent direct to schools by SENCOs.

Here are the Transition resources that have been developed by the Education Mental Health Transition Team.  You can access the resources using from the padlet link below:

The team will keep adding any additional resources that we come across into the padlet over the coming weeks. Kath has also included a section in the padlet for you to share any resources that you are using or have developed to support transition to secondary school. 

Once you have delivered the 3 workshops to your classes, the next step will be to think about which children may benefit from additional support. This will be a 5-week course for parents/carers to attend called YC5 in Transit. The course will help to support parents/carers to prepare their child for the move to high school whilst exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how their child, and they, may respond to things that worry them. Alongside the sessions for parents the team will be running some groups for children. The groups will be run across the North, South and Central schools (2 courses will run for each team). Kath will be sending out information about this shortly with instructions on how to refer children into them.

Transition summer schools

Attached to this briefing is a list of summer schools being run by secondary schools, along with the named contacts. Some of the schools are coordinating their own admissions arrangements. The others need primary schools to complete the attached referral form and submit it to the named coordinator at the respective school by June 18th. Please transfer this information securely. The secondary schools will then invite the pupils to the summer school.

Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership

LLP is inviting secondary and secondary special schools to express interest in a new cultural education programme we are calling ‘Brand New World’. This is following our successful application to The Sister Gwen Appleton Trust to match fund the programme.

We are aiming to identify six schools from different geographical locations across the city (North, South and Central zone around the city centre). Ideally we’ll have representation from at least one special school.

Each school would benefit from a programme worth up to £5700, including: arts and cultural workshops in school/visits out of school (including transport); a professional artist to work with young people on a weekly basis over 12 weeks; facilitation and coordination from LLP; and an option for young people to achieve an Arts Award qualification.

Please see the attached 4-page document for more information, including timescales, commitments and outcomes for young people. The criteria for schools to apply is listed at the top of page 2.

If you are interested please get in touch with Alice Demba by 10:00am on Monday 7th June ( with:

  • Name and contact details of the person who would coordinate this within your school
  • Details of the cohort of students you would like to take part
  • Confirmation from the Head teacher that the school meets the criteria in the attached document

Classics For All

Classics For All are running a competition for Year 7 that uses the storytelling of ancient myths from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and encourages pupils to respond creatively to these stories, individually or in small groups. Click here to view a leaflet and for more information please contact

Oxwell Survey

A training session for secondary colleagues who are coordinating the delivery of the survey will be held on Thursday 27th May from 3.30-4.30pm.

Here is the booking link:

Ten Tonne Challenge: Textile Collection

The Ten Tonne Challenge aims to divert ten tonnes of textile from landfill. Liverpool World Centre is inviting schools to run a one-day, covid-safe textile collection, to do their bit for the planet and raise funds. Read more