School Libraries

pile of booksResearch by the National Literacy Trust, published in 2011, found that young people who read at or above the expected level for their age are three times more likely to be school library users than those who read below the expected level for their age.  Those who were school library users were also found to have more positive attitudes towards reading that those who did not use the school library.  As reading for pleasure has been cited as a major factor in increasing attainment across the curriculum, it becomes more and more apparent of the importance of good library and reading area provision in schools.

At Liverpool Learning Partnership, we are passionate about school libraries and reading areas and are happy to support our member schools in developing their library provision.  We can provide advice and bespoke support regarding:

  • Identifying possible funding opportunities
  • Library design (including pupil voice)
  • Pupil understanding of libraries (including organising trips to different types of libraries)
  • Book choice and other resources
  • Support for librarians regarding events, book groups, in-school marketing of the library offer

If you are interested in finding out how we can support your school with the development of reading areas/libraries please either fill in our contact form or email Jenny on