COVID-19 Resources

Resources To Support Schools and Families

COVID-19 School Recovery Liverpool CAMHS Whole School Approach (WSA) Support

CAMHS school-facing mental health support available from June 1st, to the end of the 2020 Summer-term.

A Recovery Curriculum For Schools

A powerpoint presentation from Elaine Rees, Liverpool Learning Partnership, outlining how we can best support our pupils returning to school in Liverpool.

Returning To School Padlet

A collection of resources to help settings plan/deliver for the return to school including planning/delivering mental health related sessions.

Returning To School Journals and Staff Guides

Printable journals and accompanying staff guides (KS1 and KS2) to support mental health and emotional wellbeing. For other accompanying resources please see the padlet above.

Bitesize Training Opportunities from Merseyside Youth Association

Mind Healthy @ Home Booklet

A booklet for families from Liverpool Mental Health Support Teams, and city partners as part of Liverpool’s Whole School Approach to Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing. Inside this book are a few tips, activities and useful information to help you to keep yourself and your family emotionally healthy at home.

Mind Healthy @Home Booklet for Secondary

A Mind Healthy booklet for families of secondary aged pupils.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health During Social Distancing/Self-Isolation

A Whole School Approach to Mental Health resource collection to help adults support children and young people during this period.

Book Based Creative Resources

A web bank of book-based creative activities (reading/writing/illustration) from Liverpool Learning Partnership appropriate for primary aged pupils.

A web bank of book-based creative activities (reading/writing/illustration) from Liverpool Learning Partnership for secondary aged pupils.

We’ve been sharing daily reading discussion points on our social media channels. This collection brings them all together. Feel free to use these on your social media or school website.

Cultural Activities

Culturepool, a resource for teachers and education professionals working with young people from Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership, features digital and online creative resources that schools and families can access.

A web bank of resources that will allow virtual access to arts and culture- including museums, libraries and music performance.

Home Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize features 3 online daily lessons per day for Year 1 to Year 10 pupils

Oak National Academy features lesson resources that teachers can use to support their pupils. Lessons available from Reception to Year 10.

Home Learning Resources from the SIL Primary Team at School Improvement Liverpool

The resource banks from our last Liverpool Maths Party include creative ideas for EYFS, primary and secondary aged pupils relating to maths.

This blog post from Kids Activities Blog gives a list of education companies giving free access during school closures.

MDI Dance Studio’s YouTube channel will have new child-friendly content (warm ups, choreography, easy family routines and related craft ideas) every Wednesday and Friday.