Reflecting on Reading- Mab Lane Primary School

By Alfie Ellis (Y6), Adam Hughes (Y5), Sephora Koudou (Y4), Lily Tyrer (Y3) and Dexter Rhodes (Y1/2), Mab Lane Primary School

At Mab Lane, we all love reading. Our teachers choose really fun books to share mablane2with us that make us excited to do our work, like in Year 5 we are reading Cosmic which is really good. We have fun reading areas too where wecan get cosy and read and relax. In Year 4 we have a bedtime story area, and now we like reading in our own beds at home more too! When you have been working really hard, or when you are worried or sad, it’s really good to beable to relax and read a book. Most of all, we love joining in with all of the fun reading activities we do at school.


A few weeks ago, our school took part in the Liverpool Readathon and we had so much fun! We got lots of extra reading for pleasure time every day, and we got to make our own reading areas and reading dens wherever we wanted. We liked it so much that we didn’t want to give them up;in Year 6 we have three reading areas now, and soon we will have a reading garden outside too! Sometimes we shared books with our friends, and our teachers read us extra stories as well. Even at play time we were reading! It was so much fun to have all that extra time to read, especially since we could choose any books that we wanted. We wish we could have a Readathon every week!mablane3

We were really proud that we could raise money to help children in hospital. Some of us have been in hospital before and it can be really boring and you can feel sad. When you read a book or listen to a story it takes your mind off and takes you away from it so you don’t feel so bad. We are very excited to find out how much money we raised and give it to the people who need it. We can’t wait for next year’s Readathon too!


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