Liverpool Readathon Resources

There’s only two weeks left until the Liverpool Readathon!  Resource packs have started arriving at schools around the city ready for you to get posters stuck up on walls and sponsor forms out to pupils.  In order to celebrate the arrival of these bright orange boxes in schools, we thought we’d share some resources and ideas to help make your Readathon extra special!


If you’d like to introduce the Readathon in an assembly we’ve created an assembly powerpoint that you can use in your school in conjunction with the videos available from Read For Good.  This video is great to use during the Readathon week as it shows the great work that Read For Good do with the money that is raised.  Also, here is a flier and printable version of the letter for parents included in the Liverpool Readathon pack.


Readathon Week celebrates all types of reading- not just prose.  Set up Poetry Cafes where pupils can choose to perform their own writing or can share readings of their favourite poems.  Another idea is to encourage pupils to read a range of poems, find their favourite, write it on a postcard and send it out to an organisation or individual in the school community.  Also, primary schools can take part in our KS2 Poetry for Pleasure days delivered by LJMU students- see here for more information.


One of the great things about the Readathon is that students can set their own targets for their sponsored read.  Why not provide an extra level of challenge by asking pupils to read books from an unfamiliar genre.  Our BINGO BOARDS encourage pupils to really think about choosing different types of reading matter- book bingo.


Don’t forget- the official Liverpool Readathon Drop Everything and Read is at 1.30pm on 13th October.  Pupils and staff in schools across the city will be ceasing their usual activities at this time and instead getting themselves stuck into a great story or a really interesting work of non-fiction!  Take lots of photos of your D.E.A.R moments and share them on #LiverpoolReadathon! Will your pupils be reading in the PE hall or reading whilst out on the yard?


Encourage staff to swap classes for story time.  Pupils will love having a different teacher for a portion of the day, especially one who is enthusiastic about sharing a favourite story with them! Maybe you could invite governors, parents and other members of the local community to share their favourite stories and poems with your pupils.


Liverpool Readathon week is a great opportunity to draw attention to the free online resources of  These free resources include ebooks, audiobooks, comics, magazines and reference materials that can be accessed by anyone who lives, works or studies in Liverpool.  All you have to do is sign up on the site! This is a great website to encourage children to read for pleasure at home.


We’re hoping to write a range of blog posts and create some case studies about how Liverpool schools celebrated the Readathon.  If you would like to share your great practice please email Jenny ( to organise a visit to your school during Readathon week.