Liverpool Readathon Author Events

As part of the Liverpool Readathon, Liverpool Learning Partnership and Read for Good are proud to be hosting events with two fantastic authors- Sarah McIntyre and Phil Earle.

Sarah McIntyre

Illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre is easy to spot in her pointy glasses and hats. Sometimes she writes and draws picture books and comics herself, sometimes she illustrates books for other people, including Giles Andreae, Alan MacDonald, Gillian Rogerson, Anne Cottringer and Claire Freedman. When she makes books with Philip Reeve, they both brainstorm the story ideas together, then Philip writes them and Sarah illustrates them. But occasionally they swap roles for a bit. And they love dressing up.

(information from Sarah’s website)

Sarah will be running two author events for primary and special schools on the morning of Thursday 8th November at Liverpool Central Library.


9.45am- KS1: The New Neighbours

When new neighbours move in to the tower block, what will the other residents of Pickle Rye think? Find out in this hilarious and light-hearted book that is bursting with wonderful characters and humour. Giggle away as you hop, trot and totter down the stairs to share news of the new neighbours and learn just how important it is to leave judgements and prejudices far behind.


11am- KS2: The Legend of Kevin

Max is a young boy living in an ordinary tower block. He longs for adventure in his life – then one day – DOOF! – a flying pony called Kevin crashes into his flat, blown in by a magical storm!
The storm causes a huge flood and soon Max’s town submerged by water. Luckily for the town, Max has a flying pony to come to the rescue, and luckily for Kevin, he has a new best friend and a constant supply of his favourite thing – biscuits.

To book up to 30 spaces at one of these sessions please email

We are currently asking schools to choose one of the two sessions so that we can include as many settings as possible.


Phil Earle

Phil Earle was born and raised in Hull. His first job was as a care worker in a children’s home. Phil then chose the more sedate lifestyle of a bookseller, and now works in children’s publishing – when he’s not writing his own children’s books, which have received critical acclaim and been nominated for numerous awards, including a longlisting for the Carnegie Medal. Phil lives in Hebden Bridge.

(information from LoveReading4Kids)

Phil will be running one author session for secondary schools on the morning of Wednesday 14th November at Liverpool Central Library.


10am: Yrs7-9: Mind The Gap

When Mikey’s dad died, something in Mikey died too. He loved his old man and he never stopped dreaming that one day his dad would land the role of a lifetime, prove them all wrong, and rock back up to the estate in the flashiest car anyone had ever seen. Now there’s just numbness, and not caring, and really, really stupid decisions. He says the worst of it is that he can’t evenremember his dad’s voice any more. Eventually Mikey’s best mate can’t bear it any more, and so he sets out to give Mikey the memories – and his dad’s voice – back.


To book up to 30 spaces at this session please email

Please note: secondary special schools can choose between either Sarah or Phil’s sessions, based on what would be most suitable for their pupils.

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