Around The World Book Resource

Books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange. These windows are also sliding glass doors, and readers have only to walk through in imagination to become part of whatever world has been created and recreated by the author.

Dr Rudine Sims Bishop

Literature can take us to places that we have never been to before. Sometimes those places are based in a world of imagination but sometimes those places are rooted in reality. We believe that reading can help children to learn more about their world and the lives of others.

We have created an online interactive resource that shows a range of books for KS2, arranged by whereabouts in the world they are set. This could be used as a tool for teacher CPD (knowledge of children’s literature), to support wider reading around a geographical location as part of topic work or for general exploration.

This is an ongoing resource and we will keep adding to this. If you find suitable books to add to this resource, you can email

Made with Padlet

Tips for Using The Padlet

  • To open this padlet in a new window, click on the arrow in a box logo at the top right hand corner of the image.
  • To see each entry clearly, click on the book image and then choose “view full post”
  • Each entry includes an image of the book, information about the genre and age guidance (if not suitable for all of KS2), the blurb and a link to the location on Google Earth. The Google Earth link gives you information about the location and the opportunity to “fly” to the location, to explore it on a map and even to use Google Streetview.
  • By using the + and – buttons, you can zoom in and out of different locations on the map. The UK in particular features lots of pins and you’ll see these better if you zoom in.
  • You can also see all of the pins as a list by choosing the button featuring three lines and dots (next to the + and -)
  • You may wish to make your own ‘around the world’ interactive map with your students based on the books they read in class or at home. You can do this by selecting “remake” from the top right corner of the padlet page.

We are currently working on a KS1 version of this map. We hope to share this with you soon.