Liverpool Maths Party Resources for Teachers

On 6th July 2018 schools from all phases of education across Liverpool will be taking part in the third annual Liverpool Maths Party.  Pupils will take part in cross-curricular maths activities and celebrations showing how maths is used every day and the possibilities of maths for future careers.

Digital Resources For Teachers

To help schools to take part in Maths Party Day, Liverpool Learning Partnership has provided digital resource banks for teachers.  Please share these web addresses with your staff and feel free to embed on your school website.

EYFS Maths Party Day resources-

EYFS Hooray For Fish resources-

KS1 Maths Party Day resources-

KS2 Maths Party Day resources-

Secondary Maths Party Day resources-

Each bank features links to themed resource banks such as Sporty Maths, Engineering, Maths Music Playlists and Book-Themed Maths.

If members of staff would like to share a resource to add to the above collections, please ask them to email files or weblinks to

Digital Resources For Parents/Carers

Please share these web addresses with parents and carers and feel free to embed on your school website or share on your social media channels.

EYFS Virtual Party Bag-

KS1 Virtual Party Bag-

KS2 Virtual Party Bag-

Secondary Virtual Party Bag-


We’d love to hear your feedback on these resources.  Tell us what you found useful and what else you would like to see included on the padlet web banks!