Dragon’s Den 2019: Year of the Environment

This year, to celebrate and promote the Liverpool City Region’s Year of the Environment, the Dragons are inviting schools to present a game or app with a Maths focus.

This year’s Dragons’ Den competition aims to celebrate and promote the Liverpool City Region’s Year of the Environment.  The Dragons want to see a game or an app that can be used to support Maths in the classroom. The design/context of this game/app must tie in with the published themes of the Year of the Environment campaign.  These are:

· Air Quality

· Climate Change and Resilience

· Green Spaces, Habitats and Biodiversity

· Connecting and Engaging Communities with Nature

· Health and Wellbeing

· Sustainable Energy

· Reduce Waste

· Water

If you chose to face the dragons, you will be expected to show your designs or a prototype of your game/app and details of how it supports Maths and fits with one of the themes above. The Dragons do not want to be prescriptive and will leave the creativity to you.  To find out more, please download our information pack and expression of interest form.

How to apply

Expressions of interest should be submitted on the attached form to Elaine Rees by 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd May.

Details of your game/App should be submitted by the children on no more than two pages of A4 (including images/photos) by 12 noon on Tuesday 18th June.