‘Culturepool’ logo design competition

Are you an Art and Design teacher who’d like to give your Year 7-13 students a live brief, with local relevance?

Are you a student with a passion for creative branding, interested in how to make a logo appeal to specific customers, and thinking about what a visual image can communicate?

If so, we invite you to enter our Culturepool competition to design a logo for the website #Culturepool

Culturepool is a NEW website for Liverpool schools, being built to help teachers search for and find exciting art and cultural learning opportunities for children and young people. These could link to any subject, lesson or activity that goes on in your school.

Culturepool competition, Autumn Term 2018

  • The competition is open to art and design/graphic design students aged 11-18; they can collaborate as a group on one design or work independently. Please shortlist only one design to send to us – there will be one final overall winner and a runner-up.
  • The closing date for submission is Friday 30 November 2018 at 16.00
  • The winners will be announced at the start of the Spring Term in January 2019
  • The prize winner will receive a certificate and a Love2shop gift voucher worth £50.00
  • The judges will be Peter Pavement, Creative Director and Ben Crossman, Graphic Designer at Surface Impression (and someone at Agent Academy?)
  • You can involve as many children and young people as you like in the design process, but you must only enter ONE student’s design – it’s up to you how you shortlist and select this person
  • Please email us a digital copy of the entry to alice@liverpoollearningpartnership.com (so if your shortlisted student has created a painting or drawing, please submit a photograph of this)

We are launching this competition for Art and Design teachers who’d like to give their students (from Year 7 up to GCSE or A level/BTEC) a live brief, with local relevance. It’s a perfect opportunity for Art and Design or Graphic Design students. It will give them the chance to develop their skills in:

  • Creative branding, thinking about what a visual image can communicate
  • Designing a logo to appeal to Liverpool teachers interested in art and cultural education

Why are we creating a new website for schools?

The purpose of our website is to help teachers search for and find exciting art and cultural learning opportunities for children and young people. These could link to any subject, lesson or activity that goes on in your school. Teachers will be the main users of the website, searching information that arts and cultural partners have submitted. Some of the offers might encourage trips out of school but others will involve artists and cultural partners visiting schools and running activity there.

Surface Impression, the company working with us to build our new website, has consulted teachers and arts and cultural partners about the name and design of our website. This is what teachers have said they want the website to be:

  • ‘If I was new to the city, I’d want a gateway into all the art and culture for children and young people,’
  • It needs to be a local ‘hub’, a ‘homely website’, something that ‘links into smaller cultural organisations, not just the big famous institutions’.
  • ‘It’s more important to focus on visits, events and workshops rather than resources, because we design their own resources.’
  • It needs to feel very ‘Local…with an emphasis on places nearby so we don’t’ have to pay as much on transport or take too much time out of the classroom’.
  • ‘It should feel like home, representing Merseyside, and things that are just around the corner and might be free’.
  • ‘It needs to be local; visually and in name.’

We came up with the name ‘Culturepool’ – playing with the name of our city, and the way it is also described as ‘The pool of life’.

The visual look and feel of the website

Teachers suggested that we invite children and young people to help us design this. Therefore, we are launching a competition to design a Culturepool logo. The winning design will be developed into different versions, each one representing an area of learning that art and culture can support. For example:

  • Social and emotional skills
  • Raised aspirations
  • Raised attainment
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Make/create/perform
  • Critical analysis
  • Understanding diversity

Things to consider:

Colour – what colours should feature in your design, to symbolise the name ‘Culturepool’ and our proximity to the River Mersey? How many colours should you use – will it look good in one colour? Or if it has too many colours, will it work across different formats and be effective? And will it still work in black and white?

Design – clarity of image, to make it easy to reproduce

Simplicity – keeping a logo simple can be very powerful, rather than an overly elaborate logo design

Versatility – we’ll need to use the logo on social media as well as the new website, and possibly business cards or letterheads – so will the logo work in horizontal and vertical formats? Will it still be recognizable if it’s scaled down like on a business card?

We want the logo to be inspired by the city, by local Liverpool icons that reflect our cultural identity. But we’d like you to think more about who our customers are: teachers. What kind of brand do you want to communicate to them? You could try starting out by writing down adjectives that describe your brand or sketching the kind of logo you want on paper.

You might also do some competitor research. Look at what brands you admire have done with their logos