EYFS Maths Story Sacks

As part of the LLP’s 2019 Maths Party Day, we are offering children’s centres, nursery schools, primary schools and special schools the chance to receive a free maths-related story sack based on Baby Goes To Market by Atinuke and Angela Brooksbank.

When Baby and Mama go to market, baby is so adorable that the banana seller gives him six bananas. Baby eats one and puts five in the basket, but Mama doesn’t notice. As Mama and Baby wend their way through the market stalls, cheeky Baby collects five juicy oranges, four sugary chin-chin biscuits, three roasted sweetcorn, two pieces of coconut … until Mama notices that her basket is getting very heavy. Poor Baby, she thinks – he must be very hungry by now!

This beautifully illustrated depiction of a West African marketplace features lots of opportunities to develop mathematical concepts and the use of maths-related terminology.  It was a winner of the 2018 Mathical Book Prize, an award in the US that celebrates books which inspire children of all ages to see the maths in the world around them.

Liverpool Learning Partnership developed a story sack based around this story that settings can use either within lessons, as part of family ‘Stay and Play’ sessions or as a send-home resource. The sack contains a copy of the book, a range of roleplay resources, counters and dice, stencils, West African fabric, weaving baskets and game cards plus an activity books featuring ideas for parents.  There is also a digital resource available with more ideas, resources and links.

This sack was available for free on a first come-first served basis to 60 settings.  Here are some examples of how schools used the bag with their pupils: