About Us

There is a real desire for schools and other learning establishments in Liverpool to continue to work collaboratively and further the excellent progress made by all of our learners. The Liverpool Learning Partnership has therefore been established to bring together all of the learning establishments within the city of Liverpool and to retain and protect what is widely being referred to as the ‘family of Liverpool schools and other educational organisations’. The Partnership seeks to further expand this key principle, by ensuring that education in Liverpool is successfully co-ordinated to support all learners. LLP has 99% of schools engaged in the Partnership from all phases of education.

Collaboration is at the heart of LLP and we seek to bring an education perspective to major city initiatives. These include: The Families Programme; Active Promise; Mental Health Support Teams; the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership. We work closely with School Improvement Liverpool and the Local Authority Children’s Services to ensure that the learners in Liverpool are given every opportunity to achieve.

LLP has an Executive Board, chaired by Tim Alderman, the Head teacher of St Julie’s Catholic High School, with representatives from all phases of education, School Improvement, the Local Authority and Liverpool Governor’s Forum. The Board meets termly to receive reports, set future priorities and drive forward the Partnership’s agenda. There are two sub groups: All Learners and Learners Who Need More. These are focused groups, overseeing actions and programmes and delivering the LLP Strategic Plan, which has a range of priorities.